Rob Hampton, PhD

Researcher, Emory National Primate Research Center


Robert Hampton, PhD, completed his undergraduate studies at Macalester College before receiving his master's degree and doctorate from the University of Toronto. Dr. Hampton was a Research Fellow and a Training Fellow in the Laboratory of Neuropsychology at the National Institute of Mental Health before joining the Emory National Primate Research Center in 2004.

Dr. Hampton's long-term research goal is to better understand the evolution of human and nonhuman information processing through comparative studies of brain and cognition. His lab, known as the Laboratory of Comparative Primate Cognition, uses a memory systems approach to characterize the relationships among cognitive processing in humans and nonhuman species. Understanding these relationships is important for developing and evaluating animal models of human cognition. Dr. Hampton assesses memory and cognition using a combination of semi-natural and conventional lab­ora­tory tests in combination with neurobiological approaches. His comparative work addresses questions about the evolution of memory and cognition.

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