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News - Neuropharmacology and Neurologic Diseases

Emory Receives $6 Million Grant to Accelerate Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Research (10/26/2021)

New Insights into Neurodegenerative Diseases (10/02/2018)

Tactic for Controlling Motor Symptoms of Advanced Parkinson's Disease (01/23/2018)

NIH Grants Emory $5.4M to Continue Work in Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center (11/14/2016)

Manuel Yepes Named Inaugural Rollins Chair in Stroke and Imaging Research at Emory University (09/23/2016)

Human Brain Recordings Provide Highly Sought Insights Into Cause of Parkinson's Disease (08/08/2016)

Huntington's Disease Monkeys Display Full Spectrum of Symptoms Seen in Humans (07/20/2016)

Emory Professor Receives Humboldt Research Award (06/10/2016)

Transgenic Huntington's Disease Monkey Resources (04/01/2016)

Yerkes Researchers Selected to Serve on NIH Study Sections (07/15/2015)

Huntington's Disease Monkeys Display Progressive Clinical Changes and Neurodegeneration (05/12/2015)

Disease in a Dish Approach Could Aid Huntington's Disease Discovery Efforts (09/05/2014)

Leonard Howell Appointed Yerkes Associate Director for Scientific Programs (08/28/2014)

Researchers Accurately Predict Cognitive Decline (03/19/2013)

ION@Yerkes Accepting Applications; Summer 2013 Program Open to High School Students and Middle and High School Teachers (02/01/2013)

Congressman Hank Johnson Visits Yerkes Research Center (04/10/2012)

Q&A with Yerkes Director Dr. Stuart Zola Featured in Neuroscience Quarterly, Winter 2012 edition (03/02/2012)

ION@Yerkes Accepting Applications; Summer 2012 Program Open to High School Students and Middle and High School Teachers (01/23/2012)

Yerkes Researcher Honored by The National Academy of Sciences (01/20/2011)

NIH Institute Grants Emory University $6.6 Million To Support Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center (09/30/2010)

Yerkes Researchers Discover Specific Pattern of Neural Activity Critical For Successful Memory Formation (11/18/2009)

Study Links Evolution Of Single Gene To Human Capacity For Language (11/11/2009)

Yerkes Researchers Use Eye Tracking to Detect Mild Dementia in Humans (04/14/2009)

Yerkes Researchers Closer to Determining Why Humans Develop Alzheimer's Disease (03/30/2009)

Yerkes Researchers Identify Similar Brain Areas Responsible For Recognizing Faces In Humans And Chimpanzees (12/19/2008)

Yerkes Researchers Find Stem Cells From Monkey Teeth Can Stimulate Growth And Generation Of Brain Cells (11/08/2008)

Yerkes Researchers Develop First Transgenic Nonhuman Primate Model of Huntington's Disease (05/19/2008)

Yerkes Researchers Find First Conclusive Evidence Of Alzheimer's-Like Brain Tangles In Nonhuman Primates (05/14/2008)

Yerkes Researchers Identify Language Feature Unique To Human Brain (03/25/2008)

Ovarian Follicle Depletion Rates Similar in Chimpanzees and Humans (10/29/2007)

Yerkes Researchers' Use of Functional Brain Imaging Shows Similarities and Differences in the Mental Lives of Chimps and Humans (10/11/2007)

Yerkes Researchers Awarded $10 Million for Comparative Aging Study (04/24/2007)

Yerkes Researchers Show Cocaine-like Compound is Effective in Treating Cocaine Addiction (11/07/2006)

Yerkes Researchers to Develop First Transgenic Nonhuman Primate Model for Inherited Neurodegenerative Diseases (08/24/2005)

Nonhuman Primate Males Are More Susceptible to Age-Related Cognitive Decline Than Females (02/10/2005)

Yerkes Researchers First to Discover Combination of Drug Therapies Reduces Cocaine Use in Nonhuman Primates (05/24/2004)

Fear Learning Studies Point to a Potential New Treatment for PTSD