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Why do some people develop neurodegenerative diseases while others do not? Do hormones and the environment play a role in social behavior? How can new treatments slow or stop the progression of infectious and noninfectious diseases?

Science begins with questions, and researchers at the Emory National Primate Research Center (EPC) are taking the first steps in the comprehensive yet complicated process of finding answers. Our work to understanding the human body and behavior is a beginning step in the translational research process that ultimately will help people across generations and the world live longer, healthier lives.

Research at the EPC

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As one of seven National Primate Research Centers, the EPC provides specialized scientific resources, expertise and training opportunities for work with nonhuman primates. Researchers interested in conducting work at the Center must submit a Study Intent Questionnaire. To request the questionnaire, please send an email. EPC staff is available to assist collaborating researchers with research proposals, budgets and funding requests.

Critical role of animals in research